Year: 2019

Client: W&Cie

Expertise: website

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W&Cie is one of the most prestigious communication agencies in Paris, belonging to the Havas group and specialized in branding and advertising. One of W&Cie’s particularities is that it quickly integrated an architectural component into its services, allowing it to transpose its brand expertise into what remains the most complete (and stylish) vehicle for a brand: a place. The agency has developed locations for Roland Garros, Carrefour and La Poste.

our work

For us, a B2B showcase site must achieve three objectives: create trust, highlight a unique value proposition (Unique Selling Proposition or USP) and encourage contact. A communication agency must be on the lookout for trends and show it. We have therefore developed a site that brings together many of the best web practices, particularly in terms of animations and page transitions.

page transitions

A website is an interactive experience blended with a story. Moving from one page to another should not create an interruption but rather contribute to the message. In other words, it’s a brand asset to be thought of as such. On this site, we have taken this precept literally with a contextual message for each page.

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