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Our team has participated in over 300 branding and digital projects since 2014 shared between France and Canada. Our collective of strategists and creatives landed in Paris in 2018 where we now have prestigious clients such as L’Oreal, Porsche, Havas, Largard√®re Active and many more.


We help you define the contours of your brand and the assets that will bring it to life, whether it’s a logo, a slogan, tone, or image. We create brands that are connected to the cultures they address, based on a research and strategy process that leaves no room for chance.

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Your brand needs to become its own media to build a qualified audience around its content. We help you determine your brand’s editorial line and thus define the topics, formats, frequencies, tone and distribution channels of this content by accompanying you in its production.

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Experts in UX-UI, that is to say in ergonomics and design of digital platforms, we help you define the functionalities, the visual and textual contents as well as their layout in an intuitive platform. We produce immersive platforms with a strong focus on the brand experience.

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We are always looking for partners and other agencies to work with on communication projects. We hope that our dual culture will bring you a fresh and different perspective.

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