Year: 2020

Client: Syllabs

Expertise: website

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Syllabs is a technology start-up specializing in text generation via artificial intelligence. That’s all it takes. The Syllabs team helps major media outlets to automatically generate content based on contextual information, such as elections for example (if you’re thinking “huh?” a little confused, it’s a good thing we made a site to explain it all).

our work

In collaboration with the agency Uzful, the OXO team produced a neo-retro inspired showcase site to tackle this highly futuristic subject from a friendly and smiling angle. We developed the site on Contentful which is a headless CMS. This technology allows us to create super fast sites.


There is nothing like web interaction to make a concept integrate, said Freud (maybe it was someone else). But in short, actively interacting with a message by clicking on it, by scrolling through it, makes us internalize that message. It is through this engagement mechanism that we chose to undertake this assignment in order to facilitate the assimilation of its message.

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