Year: 2019

Client: Sigmapoint

Expertise: website

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SigmaPoint Technologies Inc. is an electronic manufacturing services provider (something complicated to explain). The company provides end-to-end assembly services for highly complex electronic products in the computer, telecommunications, medical, defense, industrial, alternative energy and transportation markets. Their ambition is to become the world leader in innovation in their field. With their unparalleled commitment to operational excellence and their recently achieved Lean Six Sigma distinction, they are well on their way to achieving this.

our work

For us, a B2B showcase site must achieve three goals: create trust, highlight a unique selling proposition (USP) and drive contact. So how do you convey a sense of innovation and technology while breaking through the noise of an often dusty competition (sorry SAP)? Our answer was the animated integration of a big and bold site with the latest web technologies. Here are some of the animations.


For us, web animations are not synonymous with gadgets. Each one must be justified in at least one of these three dimensions: brand experience, navigation aid or call to action (CTA). And also because, yes, it’s pretty.

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