Grains du Québec


Year: 2020

Client: Producteurs de grains du Québec

Expertise: website

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The Producteurs de grains du Québec are producers of Quebec grains (so far the brief is clear). Their association aims to make Quebecers aware of the importance of the sector in their daily lives and to make them aware of the issues that affect the sector.

our work

Seed fans, here we come! At the client’s request, we created a fun and educational platform that allows people to learn more about this sector and its impact on our daily lives. 

animations to create engagement

There’s nothing like a web interaction to make a concept stick, said Freud (maybe it was someone else). But in short, actively interacting with a message by clicking on it, by scrolling, makes us internalize that message. It is through this engagement mechanism that we chose to undertake this assignment in order to facilitate the assimilation of its message.

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