branding and website

Year: 2019

Client: Lacelier

Expertise: branding and website

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Lacelier designs, produces and markets premium lingerie and swimwear products, with recognized expertise in support to all sizes. This iconic French lingerie group behind the LOU, Bestform, Variance, Cherry Beach, Belcor and Gemma brands, wanted to create its own umbrella brand and a site to showcase it.

our work

The goal of our work was to create a brand for Lacelier that evokes both the French heritage and its projection into the future. Result? A brand with traits of tradition and audacity, carried onto the web with codes of modern design and animations with vanguard front-end technologies.

Innovation represented by animations

For us, animations have a predominant place in the online brand experience. By avoiding the pitfall of superfluity, they give life to the UX-UI work, enhance the storytelling, guide and incite to action. On this showcase site, the animations aim to support the brand’s modern message while encouraging the user to discover the site’s content.

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