Year: 2019

Client: Evoo

Expertise: website

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Evoo is a Swiss investment fund specialized in tech companies. Led by a team of talented young entrepreneurs, the company is a pioneer in the use of new technologies for quantitative and qualitative analysis of the companies it invests in.

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We love the tech start-up scene. We love the dreams they make possible and the graphic universe that goes with them. Although Evoo is not a technology company, we wanted to bring the brand closer to this universe and thus create a perceptual bridge between the financial firm and the technology companies in which it invests its clients.

Web animations to evoke innovation

Web animations are certainly one of our specialties, but it is not a matter of spreading them on all the sites that pass through our hands. On the contrary, each of them must be justified. In Evoo’s case, what else would you expect from a company investing in digital technology than the use of the latest web technologies for its website?

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