branding and digital

Year: 2019

Client: Rosa

Expertise: branding and digital

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ROSA is part of the movement of brands of the future. The future of intimate hygiene brands for women. Aimed at millennials, this premium brand is a pure digital player and sells monthly subscriptions directly via its website.

our work

For ROSA, supramega established a brand strategy focused on inclusion. The inclusion of beings among themselves, the inclusion of human beings in nature. This double anchor allows the brand to express itself on these two major subjects, society’s view of women on the one hand and ecology on the other, thus capitalizing on its unique value proposition. The communication around the launch was done via an Ulule campaign in order to reinforce the feeling of plebiscite enjoyed by responsible products.

photorealistic 3D for the pre-launch

Fun fact: the products did not yet exist at the time of the creation of the brand (A detail hehe!) supramega proposed the creation of 3D renderings in order to promote the pre-launch campaign. The creation of the real products was then based on the 3D. Loco loco 😮

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